The Perimeter Web is committed to helping small and medium sized businesses find an affordable spot on the web.

No matter how small your business or your budget is, we will do all we can to help you fulfill your goal of having a little piece of the internet. If you already have a web site and are looking for an inexpensive yet reliable hosting solution, then we can help you also. At The Perimeter Web we take pride in our personal approach to your web design and hosting needs.


The Perimeter Web is a small family owned business, but don't let our size fool you.

Our company leases web space from a well established hosting service partner. The hosting company takes care of all the software and hardware updates and we pay a fixed fee for the server usage. We then pass the savings on to our customers. This also allows us a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We will work hand in hand with our hosting partner to assure you the web space and bandwidth you need.


The Perimeter Web is based in Nebraska, but we can meet your needs most anywhere.

Our home is York, Nebraska....... but our business is the world wide web. Feel free to contact us for information wherever you are. If you are in the York, Nebraska area, then we will be able to accommodate you with digital photography or other hands-on tasks necessary to get your site up and running.


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